Childles Couple – Shakti

Sometimes you have everything in life but for a child. This makes your life incomplete and devoid of happiness. You have taken all kind of medical treatments but of no benefit.

What could be the cause of your misfortune? For this Shakti analyzes your birth chart. She looks at the strength of fifth house in your as well as your spouse birth chart. The houses are evaluated for presence of planets, the aspects of planets, the strength of house lord, the dasha of both partners and the transit chart. By analyzing this and after doing astrological calculations, Shakti is able to make astrological prediction about having a child and also about when chances of getting a child are high. If there is some problems due to weak planets or bad infliction’s then she guides you about astrological remedies to counter them. She has helped thousands of persons all over the world by her unique abilities. It is no doubt that people label her as a messiah of childless couples. Call best astrologer in toronto, brampton, mississauga at 647 770 0300

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